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About Us

About Baobab

“Widely known as the Tree of Life”

“Considered by many to be the strongest tree in the world”

“Baobabs are known to live for more than 1,500 years”

Baobab is a fitness lifestyle guide. We believe you should have access to credible information to make good decisions. Baobab is a resource and directory website to help you live a fit life…today!

Baobab arose out of a need for a service that seemed to be missing but has grown into a passion. In trying to embrace a fit lifestyle, Carla and Bryan realized there was a lack of readily accessible and organized information in the fitness industry. Baobab was born out of disappointing experiences and an overload of very fragmented information, most lacking credibility.

We are constantly evolving, adding more categories and listings, more resources and studies. We are building an ambitious company with far reaching goals.

carla miller

About our Founders

Carla Miller:

Carla started her fitness journey at age 39. She struggled her whole life to find balance and always had those extra 10 lbs to lose.  After having 2 kids and on the brink of turning 40, she finally decided to make a change. Read more about her journey here!

Carla enjoys weight training, long walks, and has become a recent fan of cycling. She loves to cook and bake and experiment with new recipes. However, her favorite thing to do however is to travel. Carla and Bryan are married and live in Massachusetts with their 4 daughters.

T Bryan Miller, MD

T Bryan Miller, MD has been a family physician since 2000. He has a busy practice in Central Massachusetts, seeing all ages for all sorts of health issues- including sports related injuries, cardiovascular problems, and weight and diet management.

  1. Miller has enjoyed weightlifting for a long time. He currently trains with weights three times per week and cycles 3x/week for cardiovascular exercise.

He enjoys great food and is a fantastic cook. He finds that eating right and finding the right dietary approach is very individual and takes consistent and continued adjustment… and a willingness to go outside one’s comfort zone at times.

Dr. Miller will be providing regular input as to medical issues which arise in one’s health and fitness journey.