COVID19 has changed all of our lives in dramatic ways. I want to stress and remind you all of a couple of very important things.
First, I want to let everyone know that it is safe to go to your doctor’s office.
It is not only safe, but it is vitally important. Studies of previous epidemics and pandemics have shown that during one of these events, more people die from neglecting their health issues than die from the actual disease. In my primary care practice, I have been seeing many patients delaying health screenings, delaying visits for acute issues, even delaying Emergency Room trips for concerning symptoms such as chest pain, leg infections, and strokes. I have seen people die during this pandemic from this avoidance of seeking healthcare due to their fear of COVID19. Your doctor’s office is taking all precautions to make things as safe as possible.
Second, don’t neglect your health and fitness routine. I believe that when things initially shut down due to the pandemic, a lot of us lost motivation to do the things that keep us healthy. But it’s time, if you haven’t already, to get back on the fitness train. You may have to modify your usual routine. I, for one, don’t feel safe going back into my gym yet. My 80 year old father lives with me, and I do not want to take any unnecessary risks to expose him. Therefore, I have taken this opportunity to increase my cardio workouts at home on the peloton bike. Since I am not weightlifting regularly, I have found that I can really cut my calories and get lean without feeling tired. I have also gotten more into hiking, which has been a nice change. Take this opportunity to try new activities which you might not have considered before. I can’t wait to get back to my gym once we have a vaccine and can better protect ourselves.
This pandemic will end; and probably in the not too distant future. We need to come out of this healthy and strong, and psychologically ok.
Take care of yourselves.

Dr. T. Bryan Miller

Family Doctor

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