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The same applies to trainers or coaches who may be providing recommendations to clients/athletes on the use of such products.

  1. Have any studies been conducted to test the product’s efficacy? And were they performed by an unbiased group? Preferably not by the company selling the product.
  2. Have the results been published? And if so, where? Preferably in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.
  3. If studies were conducted, were they performed on a population that represents the potential user? Or were they done in vitro (i.e., test tube), using animals, geriatrics, etc? This is important! What works for one population is not necessarily going to benefit another.
  4. What is the suggested dosage and how does it compare with the dosage used in the clinical studies?
  5. How much does the effective dosage cost? Is this cost justified for the potential gain?
  6. How was the dosage administered in the clinical studies (e.g., oral, intravenous) and is the recommended route of administration the same as for the product of sale?
  7. What makes the product so much better/more effective than the others?
  8. Have any comparative studies been done on the product versus competitive products?
  9. What are the realistic results that the athlete can expect to see after using this supplement?
  10. Are there any known or possible side effects or drug interactions associated with use of this product? Or will this product put the athlete at jeopardy for testing positive for banned substances?