Did you know that most hip and knee pain start at your feet?

Now trust me… I LOVE sneakers, like legit LOVE! But choosing based on style alone is not doing you or your performance any justice. But for real, would you wear ballet slippers to play soccer?! NOPE!

You need to wear proper footwear for your activity.

RUNNING/SPRINTING: Depending on your gait you will need to make sure you have proper support for your feet and your stride.

Neutral runners can choose from a wide variety of shoes, including minimalist shoes.

Runners who over-pronate, or experience an over-abundance of ankle rolling, should choose shoes that provide extra motion control and stability.

Runners who under-pronate, or supinate, have feet that have high arches and lack flexibility, preventing shock absorption. They require shoes with more flexibility and cushion.

LIFTING & STRENGTH TRAINING: Again, depending on your feet and your gait you will need to make sure you have a flat-soled supported bottom so that you can truly connect with your lifts.

Non-compressible Sole – The sole of a weightlifting shoe is flat and very stiff, which creates a stable platform with which to lift from. Avoid heavily cushioned running shoes that are designed to absorb impact.

Raised Heel – A heel wedge helps to reduce the amount of dorsiflexion needed from the ankles when lifting and can improve posture.

Of course, there are WAY more details that go into choosing the proper footwear, but I highly suggest you visit a specialty shoe store and have them assess your feet and your gait!

As I always say… your pain usually starts at the bottom, your feet!