I have struggled with my weight since I was a kid. My mom used to reward me at the end of my school day with a big bowl of peanut M&M’s- she had a lot of bad eating habits and instilled those habits in me at an early age. I was active- we were always outside riding our bikes, hiking through the woods, playing different games and sports… but from the age of about 6 on, I was always overweight. I have a big frame, even as a kid, and that tends to hide weight well, but when I look back at pictures, it is clear that I was overweight for a long time.

As I got older, I played football, basketball, and baseball. I was a pretty good athlete although not great. Still, I was overweight. I have always eaten big portions at meals and did a lot of snacking in between.

My weight issue got to its worst point by the end of college- lots of beer and late-night eating. I was tipping the scales at a very unhealthy 260 pounds (at 6 feet 1 inch tall). As I transitioned into medical school, I got serious about diet and exercise. I got in really good shape within 5-6 months of starting medical school. I was able to maintain a pretty good rhythm with my fitness through medical school and residency.

Throughout my adult life, my fitness level has waxed and waned, probably like most people. A busy career, kids, stress- things which can easily derail a fitness routine- have affected my consistency, sometimes more than others. In the last 8-10 years, I have gotten steadily better and more regular with exercising. I had to stop running several years ago, secondary to developing degenerative arthritis in my right hip. Currently, routine consists of weightlifting 3 days per week and riding my Peloton bike 3 times per week (the bike does not bother my hip). My wife, Carla, and I have developed really good dietary habits, focusing on organic and whole foods, keeping starch intake on the lower side, and always trying to find new food options and recipes to fit our lifestyle.

Fitness truly is a journey…a lifelong journey. We all must find our own path, and that can differ greatly from person to person. This is what Baobab is all about…helping you find your own path.

I will be blogging about a mix of topics including a little about my fitness journey- my triumphs and setbacks. However, I will focus more on medical issues related to nutrition and food, overuse and other exercise related injuries, and my take on current medical issues in the news.

I look forward to our continued journey together. Welcome to Baobab!