I started my fitness journey when I was 39. I know, that’s kind of late. I was never the “gym rat” and I struggled my whole life to find balance. I love to eat and I enjoy great food. It didn’t help that I eat when I am stressed.  I always had those extra 10 lbs. and although seemed thin enough, I had belly fat and no muscle. The little I did for exercise, it was cardio.

At age 39, I was at my highest, 147 lbs. The daunting reality of turning 40 and stubborn baby weight after having 2 kids, finally seemed like the time to make a change. I also was diagnosed with high blood pressure and started taking blood pressure medicine at age 30 (genetics I was told since it runs in my family).

I embarked on a journey to be in the best shape of my life by my 40th birthday. I worked with a personal trainer and joined a fitness competition just to stay motivated. Between exercise and eating a very strict healthy diet, I lost 30 lbs. in 4 months. An unexpected result, my blood pressure drooped so low that I had to stop taking my medication. I won’t lie, it was hard work; it takes commitment and you must want to change your life. Eating a healthy low-fat diet was key. I ate often, 5-6 meals a day, and stuck to lean protein and veggies and carefully placed carbs around my workouts. When losing weight, you must remember that the key is in your diet. Exercise helps but the old 80/20 rule is key.

I really enjoyed the competition and was able to be up on stage celebrating all my hard work. I highly recommend having and setting a goal for yourself to help you stay motivated. Every time I thought of the stage, it was a lot easier resisting temptation. It was about accountability, motivation and changing the mindset.

Which brings me to the reason why my husband Bryan and I started Boabab. I realize firsthand how difficult it is to be healthy when we are stressed out, surrounded by fast food, and always pressed for time. In trying to embrace a fit lifestyle, I realized that there was a lack of readily accessible and organized information for anything and everything fitness. Baobab was born out of disappointing experiences including too much information, not organized and most not credible. Baobab is also a directory for anything fitness to help people make healthy decisions. The goal is to have at your fingertips and in one place credible and organized information to help you make good decisions. We have so much more planned for Baobab and plan on offering services in the near future as well all centered around helping you with your own fit lifestyle journey.

Welcome to Baobab!

What I learned:

  • My genetics are a predisposition but with the right formula, I can change my fate.
  • Weight training changed my body. Over time, I became capable of things I never thought I could. It’s progress, not perfection.
  • Food is fuel and is so powerful. I had to change my relationship with food. I had a few struggles but, in the end, I learned that I can self-control. Your mind is capable of hard things.
  • Most importantly, fitness is a journey, not a destination. I am not done. No one is ever done. There will be struggles and ups and downs. That’s life. Every day is an opportunity for you to keep doing the right things and over time, they add up to great things!

I will leave you with a few words of wisdom that my trainer Bonnie LeFrak used to say:  “food is fuel- it’s not going to be a f*cking  party every time you open your mouth” and at night when you are hungry and need a snack “Just go to bed”.