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Jen DiCandia

Jen lives and breathes fitness and is a self-proclaimed gym rat. Her true passion is helping others live a happy healthy fit lifestyle! She is a mom of 3 little ones and she embodies what it means to live a fit lifestyle; she walks the walk. She has coached competitive athletes, moms, dads and even kids for going on 17 years!


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  Maximum engagement and minimal equipment!  I like to change it up and recruit more muscles by performing upper body exercises in a half kneeling position.  Here are a few reasons why! By lowering your center of mass, you can move your hips and shoulders...

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The Squat

The Squat

The squat is a great way to improve athletic performance and increase total-body strength. Because of its ability to incorporate the body’s largest muscle groups, it can also be as good for fat burning as it is for muscle building.

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