2020 has been a whirlwind of a year, with all the emotions running high, but I have found that exercise it what has kept me grounded and  mentally healthy. It’s been the year of athleisure and being comfy cozy, as we find ourselves working more from the comforts of home; It sometimes can feel demotivating with our wardrobe choices.

While I always encourage my clients to get out of their pajamas and into street clothes, even if now your desk is your couch, but if you just can’t fathom the thought of buttoning a pair of pants right now, take the time you need, but make sure you’re not sacrificing style for comfort; That’s a big misconception and couldn’t be more of a mistruth.

Why do we not associate being comfortable with being stylish? They both can go hand in hand and with the recent explosion of athleisure actually being part of everyday clothing choices, it’s possible to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. Check out these fun styles I have curated for you here http://liketk.it/34bKZ Stay comfy. Stay stylish and take good care of yourself.\

Cristina Boghosian